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Can’t sleep? Watch an enormous swarm of manta rays, gathered for no known reason

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In 2012

You think too much. Worry too much.

They don’t. Neither. Ever. Maybe they have a point, sort of. Well, they don’t, but … that’s just it, see?

It doesn’t make any sense but they’re still happy.

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9 Replies to “Can’t sleep? Watch an enormous swarm of manta rays, gathered for no known reason

  1. 1
    bornagain77 says:

    Flying Fish Glide as Well as Birds, Researchers Find – Sept. 2010
    Excerpt: How well do flying fish fly? This is the question that puzzled researchers in South Korea. Measuring aerodynamic forces on dried darkedged-wing flying fish in a wind tunnel, they discovered that flying fish glide better than insects and as well as birds. The fish also derive an aerodynamic advantage from gliding close to the water’s surface to cover distances as great as 400 meters.

    Life – Flying Fish – (takeoff) – video

    Amazing flying fish! (45 seconds aloft!) – video

    As well flying fish are ‘surprisingly’ unchanged in the fossil record for at least as far back as 95 million years!:

    Flying Fish Fossil – pictures of 95 million year old fossil

    Bending rules for animal propulsion – 18 February 2014
    Excerpt: Animal propulsors such as wings and fins bend during motion and these bending patterns are believed to contribute to the high efficiency of animal movements compared with those of man-made designs. However, efforts to implement flexible designs have been met with contradictory performance results. Consequently, there is no clear understanding of the role played by propulsor flexibility or, more fundamentally, how flexible propulsors should be designed for optimal performance. Here we demonstrate that during steady-state motion by a wide range of animals, from fruit flies to humpback whales, operating in either air or water, natural propulsors bend in similar ways within a highly predictable range of characteristic motions. By providing empirical design criteria derived from natural propulsors that have convergently arrived at a limited design space, these results provide a new framework from which to understand and design flexible propulsors.


    Top 10 Amazing Bioluminescent Animals – video

  2. 2
    johnspenn says:

    It’s obvious that fish evolved directly into birds. No need for a saurian “middle-man” here!

  3. 3
    mjazzguitar says:

    That’s because flying fish are the ancestors of the flying reptiles- they just skipped the amphibian phase.

  4. 4
    Dionisio says:

    Can you explain the possible steps to transform the developmental process of the flying fish to the developmental process of the flying reptiles, at the level of the molecular mechanisms operating during the extrinsic and intrinsic asymmetric cell divisions, including the precise cell fate determinants’ segregation and the whole nine yards? Just don’t leave any details unexplained. This falls into the area of the so called ‘evo devo’ hence you may want to consult what they have on this when writing your response. In order to go from A to Z we have to explain how to go from A to B, then to C, and so on. And the explanation must hold water and withstand any interrogation. Can you do this? Go ahead. If you can do it, you should automatically get PhDs from the top universities in the world in a moment. Man, you’ll be busy going from reception to reception honoring you for your tremendous scientific achievement.
    Go for it! 😉
    P.S. feel free to ask for help from “The Third Way” folks if you want to 😉
    Actually, there’s a thread under that title in this same blog. I have posted over 180 comments in it so far. In fact, I have linked some recent ‘evo devo’ literature in some of the comments.
    Take your time, don’t rush. 😉

  5. 5
    Dionisio says:

    The previous post #3 is a relatively easy task, because the differences are not that many compared to the task of explaining at the same depth the transformation from unicellular to multi-cellular beings. That’s another test, after you complete the easy one (flying fish to flying reptile), which should be a piece of cake in comparison. Then the third task could be the detailed explanation for getting the first cell to begin with. The Third Way folks are busy working on that, after seeing their ‘second way’ colleagues were not making much progress lately. 😉
    Have fun!

  6. 6
    bornagain77 says:

    Dionisio, although I don’t know if you were just teasing back, I’m fairly certain mjazzguitar has his tounge firmly planted in his cheek.


    Marc Antoine – Latin Quarter (smooth jazz)

  7. 7
    bornagain77 says:

    Better rendition:

    Marc Antoine – Latin Quarter (smooth jazz)

  8. 8
    Dionisio says:

    Thank you for clarifying this to me. I thought mjazzguitar was presenting his case seriously. Don’t recall seeing his posts before. Again, thank you for clearing my image of mjazzguitar so timely. Glad to know he’s on the side of truth. Good for him.
    Anyway, I think these comments still could serve to other potential readers who might be indeed confused by the massive misinformation disseminated by the ‘n-D evo’ agitprop agencies out there 😉

  9. 9
    bornagain77 says:

    Dionisio, yes I understand your misunderstanding. Sometimes the claims of Darwinists are so outlandish that it is hard to tell what is a joke from what is a legitimate claim! 🙂

    When Nothing Created Everything
    by Joe Carter – 12 . 8 . 10

    Steve Martin – Atheists Don’t Have No Songs (Live on Letterman 03-16-2011) [HD]

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