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Evolutionist: Dinosaurs “Were Experimenting” With Flight

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Did dinosaurs really shrink so fast on their way to producing birds? That is what happened according to a new study out this week. As the LA Timesexplains, “Paleontologists have long known that birds evolved from dinosaurs known as theropods,” and now they have confirmed that over a 50 million year period that evolutionary pathway proceeded at several times the normal pace. But as usual the evolutionist’s certainty is underwritten by a mix of speculation and Aristotelianism.  Read more

ledp, A very astute observation. The problem stems from the fact that Darwinism has piled layer upon layer of "just so" stories upon one another. Those stories toward the bottom tend to "fossilize" and become part of the "evidence" even though they themselves rest upon older "just so" stories. Many Darwinists are absolutely incapable of peeling back all the layers to see the dogmatic, unscientific foundation upon which everything ultimately rests. OldArmy94
The responses to Hunter's comments/critique were as fact and evidence free as the claims he was critiquing. How do, “scientists know” that birds evolved from dinosaurs? The answer seems to be that science advances by hypothesis and imagination, and the persistence of the imagined story against extensive scrutiny makes it “scientific knowledge”. Hard evidence, testable hypotheses and facts are not necessary. And besides, we “know” the broader evolutionary claims for all of life are true (by this same standard?) and so we “know” that birds must have evolved something like this, with or without evidence or even a good way to explain morphological innovations of the degree and type needed. leodp

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