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Carl Sagan: Did he pack “3 lies into 12 words”?

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Art Battson thinks so:

While subtleties certainly exist between Materialism, Physicalism and Naturalism (MP&N), for all practical purposes most of us know them through Carl Sagan’s famous (or infamous) declaration:

“The Cosmos is all that is or was or ever will be.”

Infamous? Let’s just say that most viewers of his Cosmos series were amazed that he could pack 3 lies into 12 words. Apparently, nobody told him that either the Cosmos or its Creator has always existed and it’s not the Cosmos. Given the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics alone, he should have been well aware of that fact. Add an expanding universe (which is actually accelerating in its expansion) and his excuses for MP&N are very thin indeed. Nature certainly didn’t have a natural cause given that nature couldn’t cause anything if it didn’t exist all of those billions and billions of years ago just before its explosive expansion. (Speaking of nature, natural selection can’t select anything that doesn’t already exist, but we’re getting ahead of ourselves. Physics preceded biology in much the same way that Mind preceded matter so we recommend going to charlesdarwin.org to learn more about that.)

Art Battson, “Post-Naturalism” at Access Research Network

Carl Sagan (1934–1996) relied heavily on optics and media buzz. Not so much on profound thought.

polistra: That wasn't Sagan. It was Faulkner. ronvanwegen
Silly quibbling about definition. The statement isn't famous anyway. I've been reading science fact and fiction for 65 years, and I've never heard or read this statement. polistra

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