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“Case For a Creator” Event at Biola University

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Want to hobnob with Lee Strobel, Craig Hazen, Jay Richards, JP Moreland, John Bloom, William Lane Craig, Jonathan Wells, Steve Meyer and Michael Behe on December 7?

There is no charge and attendees will be offered a free copy of the new Illustra Media DVD, The Case For A Creator.



I’ll be there.

3 Replies to ““Case For a Creator” Event at Biola University

  1. 1
    Douglas says:

    I would love to attend. But I’ll need some donations for travel expenses and lost wages from work. Anyone?

  2. 2
    FuzzyHead says:

    What I would give to be in that area now. I lived close by and moved a year ago. Now, I just need someone to organize a decent apologetics/philosophy/science thing in the Boise area. We do have one thing that is related to that, but it’s a primarily Young Earth Thing.

  3. 3
    FuzzyHead says:

    I’m taking donations as well for travel expenses, I don’t even need lost wages. I’m certain that I could justify this to my boss as being work related, thus still get paid.

    Douglas, perhaps we should try to hit up the Discovery Institute for those scholars in training. πŸ˜‰

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