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Casey Luskin is back, after years in the field!

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We remember when he left. And he likes what he sees in the meantime:

Why he left (the non-conspiracy version):

So where was I for the last five years? Hiding out because I couldn’t take the heat? Finally seeing the light and converting to Darwinism? “Fired” from Discovery Institute? Not at all. The truth is exactly what I said in my farewell post: I was fulfilling a lifelong goal of furthering my studies — specifically, to earn a PhD in geology

This pursuit took me to the University of Johannesburg (UJ) in South Africa, where I used paleomagnetism to study the early plate tectonic history of the Kaapvaal Craton, an ancient portion of Earth’s crust in southern Africa that traces back to over 3 billion years in age. …

When molten rock cools, it frequently gets magnetized by the Earth’s magnetic field. Because the magnetic field varies according to latitude (i.e., angular distance from the equator), studying the magnetic properties of rocks can reveal where on Earth the rock originally formed in terms of its original paleolatitude (though not paleolongitude). If you have enough data, you can use paleomagnetism to attempt to reconstruct the plate tectonic history of a continent — that is, figure out where continents were located in the past, what they may have looked like, and where they have drifted over time.

Suffice to say, this project involved months and even years of fieldwork, lab work, data analysis, and writeup. Like most PhDs, mine had its ups and downs, complete with excitement, fun, blood, sweat, tears, near-madness, sheer terror, and utter boredom.

Casey Luskin, “I’m Excited to Return to Discovery Institute to Find Intelligent Design Stronger Than Ever!” at Evolution News and Science Today

Conspiracy theorists are free to make up something else if they wish.

With all its faults, the internet remains a free country. They can be nuts if they want.

So excited to have Casey back! He's one of the best at analyzing/explaining the fallacies of the other side. johnnyb
Oh my God I want to pick his brain on so many different things AaronS1978
I love Casey Luskin that’s the only reason why I actually visited evolution news!!! AaronS1978
Casey Rocks,,, but then again, with such a cool name like 'Casey' how can you do anything else but rock? :) bornagain77

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