7 Replies to “Yet Another Embarrassing Finding for the Global Warming Crowd

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    SCheesman says:

    Watt’s up with that? Had this a few days ago, with lots more info…


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    Joe says:

    “Yeah Mother Nature didit back then, but obvioulsy we donedidit now


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    noam_ghish says:

    True the world does have positive and negative feedback mechanisms in order to keep carbon ppm between 180 and 280 and it has succeeded in doing that for the last 800,000 years. In the last 100 years, however, mankind has managed to artificially increase the amount of carbon ppm to 380. If we reach a certain level, probably 450 ppm, positive feedback mechanism will kick in and increase the amount of carbon ppm to perhaps irreversible higher levels. As an IDer I am frankly ashamed at the ID community’s inability to understand this basic fact. Our embrace of global warming skepticism has profoundly tarnished our movement and damaged our credibility.

    I challenge anyone to discuss the issue with me via skype. My skype ID is noam.gish76

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    Joe says:

    According to the “Designer’s Handbook for Habitable Planets”, metazoans, such as ourselves, can tolerate atmospheric CO2 levels above 1%. It also says that a warmer, more temperate, world is a better world.

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    noam_ghish says:

    Apparently, seeing 8 of the world’s largest 17 cities destroyed is a better world in your book. Second, that book is arguing from ignorance since it does not know what the world will be like with carbon ppm above 500. Our Earth is the only planet we have, it is not prudent to play russian roulette with our only home.

    Let’s talk this over skype. Are you genuinely interested in hearing what I have to say?

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    Joe says:

    Soot, not CO2 is melting the glaciers and ice packs, noam. We have been over and over this- I even provided references to support my claims.

    So no, I am not interested in what you have to say and I don’t have skype…

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    Joe says:

    A rejected letter to the NCSE:

    NCSE: When Is purported Science not Science?

    Note the part about the climate models that have an error as large as the effect.

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