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Casey Luskin, geologist, doesn’t make nice with Darwinians

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In recent years, the ever-compliant US evangelicals have been making nice with the Darwinians* (nature read in tooth and claw, and all that). Luskin did not get the memo.

In the field, he tells the story, straight up, as this interview illustrates.

*Yer news hack became aware of all that when driving down from Canada to a conference at Cornell U in late 2011.

The pro-Darwin crap in a major evangelical magazine, which the driver handed me (a mag for which I had written), was unbelievable.

I wrote to the editor and received the prim message that if I were a better person, I would understand.

Yer news hack is still not a better person. I do not understand. And I still do not want anything to do with Racism III.

Happy New Year, everybody.

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