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Chicago Cubs Fan Charles Darwin Meets Visiting Celebrity


In Chicago recently during the American Society of Plant Biologists annual meeting, jet-setting celebrity Professor Steve Steve visited Charles Darwin. Darwin was wearing his Chicago Cubs batting helmet. He’s is a big fan of those heartbreakers, you know. They met in the office of a notorious ID guy:

steve steve and darwin

After Steve Steve left to resume his world travels, Darwin was heard quietly complaining to Nelson — in the politest English tones, of course — that he never got to go anywhere, had to sit on the bookshelf next to the paleontology volumes, and certainly never met Martha Stewart.

Just didn’t seem right for the panda to get all the attention…

Charles Darwin -- the Chicago Cubs of famous scientists, always promising to win the big one (i.e., explain biological complexity), but always choking at crunch time. For the record, I'm a Chicago north-sider. William Dembski
There's something very unnerving and dare I say it, very evil, about seeing a cute little doll in the image of a man whose unproven theory has been used as justification for some of the worst abominations ever seen by mankind. I wish C.S. Lewis was still alive for the ID vs. faith in Materialism debate. I'd love to hear what he'd have to say. shaner74
Hey, in fairness Darwin did get to go on a nice cruise to the Galapagos Islands a few years ago. Paid for, too! BOb Bob O'H

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