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Christian Scientific Society webinar May 29: Topic is space aliens

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Free with registration.

“The title is “Is there intelligent life in outer space? What are the stakes?” The full details of the schedule, bios of the speakers, and titles and abstracts of their talks can be found at this link. The format of the event will allow for plenty of time for questions to the speakers and general discussion.”

Aliens in the news!   

Our topic of “Is there intelligent life in outer space?” for our upcoming webinar (see this link) seems to be very timely, as alien life is popping up all over the news in the past few months.

  • See this summary of the US government giving credibility to reports of alien advanced technology.
  • major report on UFOs is due to be released by the US government in June, right after our meeting.
  • Claims have been made again of evidence for microbial life on Mars.
  •  A Harvard professor asserted recently that a strange object flying past the solar system was an alien artifact.
  • Astrophysical Journal recently published an article arguing for multiple extraterrestrial civilizations in our galaxy.

Are you willing to put your money on the certainty of your beliefs, whether for or against extraterrestrial life? 

See also: At Science: Water bears most likely did not survive a crash land on the moon. What impact does the test have on panspermia, the hypothesis that life might travel between planets via comets? “some parts of a meteorite impacting Earth or Mars would experience lower shock pressures that a tardigrade could live through, Traspas says.”


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