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Climate Alarmists Caught Again


Prominent climate alarmist caught in flagrante delicto: Lies, deceit, theft.

Jammer, The NCSE is a darwin lobby so there isn't anything that can humiliate them. Joe
National Center for Science Education, Darwin/Climate Enforcers, Humiliated by Forged Document Scandal - Evolution News & Views Jammer
Eric, I was going to say the exact thing re the NCSE. Oh lookee they are caught in this too! ID supporters are right to see the tactics, gangsterism and pseudoscience of global warming hysterics (the real climate change deniers, since they deny natural climate change, the skeptics affirm it. They simply project their denial onto us) as having distinct parallels with the religious hysteria that is the cult of neo-Darwinism. I've noticed some AGW skeptics (in the aftermath of this Peter Gleick affair) already saying they are disappointed with the NCSE, given their good work against the Discovery Institute and the ID crowd. Naturally they don't question the possibility that the Gleick nonsense follows naturally from the bullying and dishonest NCSE playbook on evolution. They would have to question neo-Darwinian evolution too, and that's a sacred cow that has been entrenched for far far longer in our society. What global warming hysterics and Darwinism have in common (among other things) is how quickly they were both taken up in broader society and became entrenched social myths very quickly, both are also deeply associated with 'progressive' values. zephyr
Fun to see the NCSE involved (even if indirectly)! Our old friend Eugenie Scott is out there with her usual MO, blathering about the need to counter all those evil ne'er-do-wells who are seeking to "undermine" the science of climate change and such. Eric Anderson
I'm not surprised. Blue_Savannah
First line says it all:
Theft, deceit and outright lies: How ugly can climate science get?
If global warming alarmists keep going the deceitful way they are going they may just qualify to be full fledged neo-Darwinists someday! :) bornagain77

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