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Coca Cola? There’s also an interesting story re Nye and climate change

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Readers responded to our note on Bill Nye fronting Coca Cola… For most of the response, you can read the comments below yesterday’s story on Coke and Nye.

But one reader sent in a link to a 2012 post at Watts Up With That?, a skeptical climate change site. Seemed of interest:

Al Gore and Bill Nye FAIL at doing a simple CO2 experiment

Replicating Al Gore’s Climate 101 video experiment (from the 24 hour Gore-a-thon) shows that his “high school physics” could never work as advertised

Readers may recall my previous essay where I pointed out how Mr. Gore’s Climate 101 Video, used in his “24 hours of climate reality”, had some serious credibility issues with editing things to make it appear as if they had actually performed the experiment, when they clearly did not. It has taken me awhile to replicate the experiment. Delays were a combination of acquisition and shipping problems, combined with my availability since I had to do this on nights and weekends. I worked initially using the original techniques and equipment, and I’ve replicated the Climate 101 experiment in other ways using improved equipment. I’ve compiled several videos. My report follows.

Climate change is secularists’ favorite Doom so it wouldn’t be surprising if there was some distance between stuff we read and stuff we can test.

You may also wish to read: Has Bill Nye sold out to… Coca Cola? The writer at Gizmodo is not convinced that “the good people at Coca Cola” are making anything like the difference Nye says they are but interested readers can read the article and watch the vid. Note: A similar issue came up a couple years back in connection with his flipflop on GMOs.

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    polistra says:

    I temember reading that experiment. The bigger point is that the literal greenhouse effect DOES WORK in a literal greenhouse, where you have a GLASS boundary around a strictly controlled miniature ecosystem. The earth is infinitely x infinitely x infinitely more complex and adaptable than a literal greenhouse, and the earth doesn’t have a GLASS enclosure, so the experiment is completely irrelevant.

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