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Has Bill Nye sold out to… Coca Cola?


Remember Bill Nye the Science Guy?

That’s the claim at Gizmodo, where you’d think Nye would be one of the good guys:

Bad news for everyone who loved watching Bill Nye the Science Guy during middle school science class: your fave is problematic. This week, Coca-Cola, one of the world’s biggest plastic polluters, teamed up with TV’s favorite scientist for a campaign to create a “world without waste,” a joke of a corporate greenwashing campaign.

In a video innocuously titled “The Coca-Cola Company and Bill Nye Demystify Recycling,” an animated version of Nye—with a head made out of a plastic bottle and his signature bow tie fashioned from a Coke label—walks viewers through the ways “the good people at the Coca-Cola company are dedicating themselves to addressing our global plastic waste problem.” Coke, Nye explains, wants to use predominantly recycled materials to create bottles for its beverages; he then describes the process of recycling a plastic bottle, from a user throwing it into a recycling bin to being sorted and shredded into new material.

Molly Taft, “Bill Nye, the Sellout Guy” at Gizmodo (April 7, 2022)

The writer at Gizmodo is not convinced that “the good people at Coca Cola” are making anything like the difference Nye says they are but interested readers can read the article and watch the vid:


You may also wish to read: Bill Nye is a terrible spokesman for science: “In the book,* which [Alex] Berezow says was entirely lacking in references, Nye apparently made anti-GMO statements. And he has since found his way into the GMO camp — a move that Berezow thinks is not authentic. Berezow adds, “Ultimately, it seems that Bill Nye just panders to whatever he thinks the audience wants to hear. He thought (incorrectly) that they wanted to hear why GMOs were bad, so he altered his message when he got pushback. He won’t get pushback for exaggerating climate change, so it’s likely he’ll keep this up for a while.””


Jerry@5. How recycling is handled differs from city to city. My city started recycling in a far too aggressive manner, long before facilities had been established to process the material. It resulted in a backlash from the public. We now limit the recycling to cans, glass, specific types of plastic and paper. The processing facilities still send material to the landfill but it is limited to materials that people put in the bins that can’t be processed. JHolo
Bill Nye has been a flaming joke for decades, yet he seemingly has mass appeal and is taken seriously. That's where we are. Andrew asauber
Is this what happens to recycling? I was under the impression which could definitely be wrong that a lot was shipped to other countries but that stopped. Then it became too expensive to handle so ended up in land fills. Was is the truth? I’m sure most would be willing to pay the true cost of complete recycling and then let competition drive the cost to an acceptable cost. For example, there were a couple stories 8-9 months ago about Maine making packagers pay the cost of recycling. https://www.bostonglobe.com/2021/07/19/business/maine-move-make-big-companies-pay-all-their-packaging/ jerry
Was Nye ever anything but a paid promoter? Not sure how someone who was always nothing more than a paid entertainer or shill for corporate/institutional interests can be accused of "selling out." William J Murray
Considering people have figured out how to use waste plastic for hydrogen, maybe the waste isn't such a bad thing. Just like oil originally had a lot of waste, so to does plastic. It took Rockefeller to find that added uses. https://phys.org/news/2020-10-plastic-hydrogen-gas-carbon-nanotubes.html BobRyan
It's good that Coca Cola is recycling. Let's applaud that. But don't believe they are doing it from the goodness of their heart. aarceng
It's worth remembering that the "climate change" hoax is financed by the corporate world, INCLUDING petroleum and coal. For some mysterious reason every new move toward clean energy leads directly to more coal usage. It's not mysterious, it's intentional. polistra

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