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Coffee!!: Caught up in the conspirazoid ramblings of the anti-Christian lobby?

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A fellow hack phoned me the other night to advise that I am a minor feature in a Canadian book called The Armageddon Factor by one Marci McDonald. The book makes me out to be vastly more important than I am in the intelligent design controversy. This is, of course, in the cause of insisting that traditional Christians pose a major threat to Canada.

Apparently, if you go to church, you have no business voting or running for office.

I was called in from weeding the garden by my mom, due to my friend’s call, and later listened, bewildered, at the prose written about me, portraying me as a much more important figure than I am – all in the cause of tales of a conspiracy.

Briefly, I am a hack journalist who follows the intelligent design controversy as my major beat. I started to do so because no one else was following it, and I noted an inverted news funnel. People were proclaiming ID dead every day, but the number of news stories about it was growing.

I broke some key stories, but only because no one else was interested. Go here and here.

Now, I realize that if you were born and raised on political correctness and rote Darwinism, you will not get this, but – essentially – this situation means that the claims about me cannot be true, and are only made in order to influence you in a politically (not factually) correct direction.

The book is from Random House Canada. I am not linking to it, because – according to reliable sources – it features basic factual errors that I would not want propagated.

In these times, when so many people are looking for someone to blame for problems we created for ourselves, these conspirazoid growths are inevitable. But we need not encourage them.

Go here if you want to know the real reasons why there is an intelligent design controversy.

I am a biblical creationist Canadian (YEC). Its a positive thing that there is so much threat and passion about creationism (s) from the bad guys that it should be welcomed any publicity. The people are not convinced evolutionists and can simply be persuaded by I.D or my crowd in at least seriously questioning the evolution and company stuff. When it follows on the ideas of God and Christianity etc then its all gain for creationism even in hack jobs in print. Mrs O'Learly is a threat because in reality all causes from 19th century evolution to today are started and won or lost in very small circles. Even one writer can change everything. Just having a ability to reach an audience is a great threat to establishments. Especially when they are in error and often poor character. Send the writer a thanks for raising the status of creationism's growing success and its proponents. Robert Byers
Is Marci the Canadian cousin of Barbara Forest? idnet.com.au
Sorry, pasted in a wrong link, here is the TV clip: http://watch.ctv.ca/news/ctvs-question-period/may-16/#clip302662 rockyr
It seems that the progressive liberal left in Canada is afraid of the religious right resurgence, not unlike the progressive democrats are afraid of the Tea Party movement. Isn't Mr. Levant the same guy who was instrumental in bringing Ann Coulter to Canada? (BTW, is anything happening with Coulter's lawsuit against the university that accused her of hate-speech?) Anyway, here is a funny TV interview that says it all about Ms. McDonald and her book, if you can suffer through a 15 sec. bad beer commercial: http://ezralevant.com/2010/05/marci-mcdonald-just-makes-stuf.html rockyr

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