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Coffee!! First morning cuppa, an interview with me: What makes O’Leary tic – but those Word Guild people have ways of making me toc


Here is an interview with me at Hot Apple Cider, an anthology of writing in various genres by Canadians who are devout Christians. I have an article in there, on neuroscience, faith, and health.

If you think HAC  is mostly amateur devotionals,  jeremiads, and hellfire tracts, you will be very surprised. That sort of thing bores us silly, so we don’t pass it on.

Also, for whatever reason (a desire to take a year end loss for some complex corporate tax reason?), Amazon is selling Hot Apple Cider for US$5.71. A good gift for literature students and essential for anyone whose pursuit of Canadian Studies comprises a bit more than the usual 20 minutes in Grade Seven. Or whatever.

Dear Ms O'Leary, I have just read the interview - your carrier is a wonderful success story and the account is encouraging. Thank you for posting it. Kontinental

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