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Coffee!!: Non-materialist neuroscientist offers Skeptiko his theological views

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Andrew Newberg

From PR Underground, neurotheology researcher, physician and author, Andy Newburg explains, how fundamentalists Christians and Atheists share a minority view of God. (PRUnderground, April 27th, 2011)

Join Skeptiko guest host Steve Volk for an interview with Dr. Andy Newburg. A distinguished researcher at Thomas Jefferson University Medical College, and professor in Religious Studies at the University of Pennsylvania, Dr. Newburg discusses his latest book Principles of Neurotheology:

Steve Volk: One thing that’s disappointing to me in these debates between believers and atheists is there’s usually a very narrow conception of God that’s on the table for discussion. It’s the Fundamentalist conception.

Dr. Andrew Newberg: I’d second your opinion. So often we say, “I believe in God,” or “I don’t believe in God,” and we assume that everybody knows what we’re talking about. Usually just the opposite is true. Oftentimes people who do feel very strongly one way or another do wind up with a very limited view about God.

About what follows, your mileage may vary, but this item is offered for the benefit of those  think that non-materialist neuroscientists, who tend to be sympathetic to design, are closet fundies.

Memo to Chris Mooney/Legacy mainstream media: File under: Proven! Closet fundies.

Note: Alex Tsakiris at Skeptiko interviewed Denyse O’Leary of this blog, and now offers the transcript.

Hat tip: Stephanie West Allen at Brains on Purpose

"Oftentimes people who do feel very strongly one way or another do wind up with a very limited view about God." With all due respect, that is exactly how I would characterize the theology of several frequent commenters with whom I have had some rather heated discussions about the nature of reality and the nature of God: a very limited view. Bruce David

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