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The Rapid Origin of Domesticated Chicken


In the early 20th century modern genetics was integrated into evolutionary theory and the resulting neo Darwinism, or New Synthesis, was hailed as a great advance. Darwin didn’t know the details of how biological variation arose but now that gap was filled in—from changing allele frequencies to genetic mutations, modern genetics provided the answer. Biological variation arose from gene sequence variations. But this version 2.0 of Darwin’s theory would go long without its own difficulties, as exemplified yet again by recent research on the origin of the domesticated chicken. Read more

They can't afford to, and can't afford not to, indefinitiely. Axel
"mutations that are neutral—neither good nor bad—would accumulate and serve as a rich source of design options when an environmental shift occurred." Kind of stem-cell mutations... Despite the insanity alluded to by Cornelius (always pursuing the same line and expecting a different result), I get the feeling that some evolutionists can see the writing on the wall for their status, even careers, and are wanting to shift their stance ever so slightly for a quick dash. They are in a perilous position. It's as if they didn't believe in the empirical findings of quantum physics. Axel

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