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Comparing Darwin and Lincoln (whose joint birthday is coming up)

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Evolution and Intelligent Design in a Nutshell came out last year. It occurs to one reviewer to compare Darwin and Lincoln:

Abraham Lincoln and Charles Darwin were born on the same day: Feb. 12, 1809. Lincoln’s words have stood the test of time, while Evolution & Intelligent Design in a Nutshell (Discovery, 2020) shows why Darwinism and its neo variants fall short. Authors Thomas Lo, Paul Chien, Eric Anderson, Robert Alston, and Robert Waltzer explain that life could not have emerged from a chemical soup, because it only exists via secret ingredient: information. Cells are intricate machines. Irreducible complexity is an unavoidable complication. Junk DNA is not junk. Our surroundings, and chemical elements themselves, are fine-tuned for life.

Marvin Olasky, “Life and leaders: Of infants, judges, and presidents” at

Meanwhile, you may want to look at: Wikipedia’s Darwinized Lincoln Was Historically Impossible, It Turns Out:

Okay, vastly unlikely. Read on.

Attorney Edward Sisson, who seems very well-informed about the American Civil War period, responds to Wikipedia editors’ false claim (just in time for Darwin Day?) that Abraham Lincoln read and approved Darwin’s Origin of Species.

As it happens, Lincoln had read and approved of a different evolution book (by Chambers, below) that took more of a design perspective. Wikipedia later attempted a clumsy edit, leaving out the main point, that Lincoln was attracted to design, not Darwin…

“When we integrate the date on which the book first came available to individuals in America who might have had a connection with Lincoln and an interest in giving it to Lincoln, with the substance of what Lincoln and those friends of his were actually doing on and after that date, it is my judgment that it is unreasonable to think that Lincoln ever read Origin of Species, and unreasonable that any of his friends would have thought it appropriate even to suggest to him that he read it. Lincoln had far more important things on his mind at that time, and so too did all of his friends and acquaintances.” (2014)

Sociologist Steve Fuller asked in 2009, What if Lincoln and Darwin had met? In Steve Fuller’s imagination, they do meet (here’s a snatch of transcript from a radio play. And here’s the audio.)

It was produced as a podcast in Australia in 2009. The call for actors is interesting.

Don’t miss the fun.

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    ET says:

    Thanks to Darwin people think that imagination is science. I doubt that Lincoln would approve.

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