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Convergent evolution of cobra venom

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Okay, venom is not popular among non-snakes. But it does demonstrate a point:

A study of spitting cobras, published in Science reveals how a combination of venom components have evolved to create an instantly painful venom, not once, but on three separate occasions.

This is the first clear example of snake venom evolving for defence, and provides a remarkable example of convergent evolution, or how natural selection can cause the same solution to a problem to evolve multiple times.

Contrary to the theory that venoms are adapted primarily to enable snakes to kill prey, in spitting cobras, a venom which causes instant pain, and a delivery system which enables the snake to spray the venom to a distance of up to 2.5 metres towards the eyes of anything which comes too close, suggests a defence mechanism, rather than hunting weaponry.

Bangor University, “Spitting Cobra venom reveals how evolution often finds the same answer to a common problem” at ScienceDaily

The paper is paywalled.

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every day a new example of how Darwinists believe in miracles Snakes venom evolved multiple times independently in various snakes lineages ... By random unguided process ??? in regards to snakes venom, here is another REPEATED miracle Darwinists believe in, from a mainstream paper: "Certain snakes evolve a unique genetic trick to avoid venomous snake-eating snakes" evolved a genetic trick ? :)))) guess how many times allegedly evolved that trick ? 10 TIMES INDEPENDENTLY !!!! Darwinists believe in miracles. https://www.news-medical.net/news/20210115/Certain-snakes-evolve-a-unique-genetic-trick-to-avoid-venomous-snake-eating-snakes.aspx martin_r

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