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Coral reefs making a comeback?


Chicken Little must be on vacay.

From New Scientist:

While greater bleaching is undoubtedly on the list of things that are threatening coral reefs (see “Reefs at risk”), this is a rare instance of where the climate pudding may have been over-egged. New research is painting a very different portrait of corals, one that casts them in the light … [of buy a subscription]

Over-egging the pudding is not rare, it is the usual practice in Acrockalypse Kitchens, Inc.

Indeed, if there is truly a worldwide shortage of eggs, consider that source of overeggage first.

Life forms that have lasted as long as corals (500 mya) probably have many built-in mechanisms for resisting unfavourable changes, as they must surely have weathered a lot of them.

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https://answersingenesis.org/aquatic-animals/massive-modern-reefs-finding-time-to-grow/ Coral reefs do not necessarily need millions of years to grow. tjguy

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