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Here Are Those Two Protein Evolution Falsifications That Have Evolutionists Rewriting Their Script

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About twenty years ago the television show Dallas was in trouble. The writers had eliminated a popular character named Bobby and the show was losing popularity. The writers realized their mistake and began thinking up ways to solve the problem. They finally decided that the previous year of programming would become nothing more than a dream in the mind of another character named Pam. It was a ridiculous solution, but it was all they had. A new show would begin with Pam restlessly awakening, only to discover Bobby was not dead, but alive and well. Everything was back to normal as Bobby announced to the loyal viewers at the 2:10 mark that “It’s over—none of that happened.” Dallas needed a do-over, and it got one.  Read more

OK, OK....but in the REAL world where I live there are at least a hundred or so gazillion M-theorized, foamy/bubbly unverses in operation 'out there'. And of course,as you well know, that makes the success probability of the just-right protein experiments to be pretty darn likely. No problem. I'm done. Case closed. I've made my point. Here, little piggy! Let's fly on outta here. We're late for the Reason Rally.... Tom Graffagnino

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