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Cornell Conference on Biological Information: Proceedings Now Available

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Denyse O’Leary posted an announcement of what looks like an interesting conference proceedings:


According to Denyse, the folks at the Panda’s Thumb tried to bury these proceedings but failed.

It's nice that the articles are distributed for free. Otherwise I'd probably never read any of them. For the weekend, I have a got at "A General Theory of Information Cost Incurred by Successful Search" - at the moment, I'm just baffled... DiEb
I went ahead and did a writeup YEC John Sanford Featured in Smithsonian American History Museum The creeps at Wikipedia initially erased all references to Sanford in relation to the Gene Gun. I wonder why? :-) That has since changed. scordova
It must really irk a lot of people that there are creationists around like Dr. Sanford who show that they can do science as well as any evolutionist! tjguy
Dr. Sanford probably put his career on the line being part of the conference at Cornell. The president of Cornell expressly declared war on ID here. If they Expel Dr. Sanford, that would be a major scandal. A lot of research into evolutionary biology which involves a GMO component owes something to Sanford-- or for that matter, a billion dollar GMO biotech industry owes something to Sanford (well they did pay him something, that's why he was able to retire early). And on what grounds will they kick him out? ID? Well his GMO work literally put ID into biological organisms through his gene gun. Like Ben Carson at Johns Hopkins, Cornell will have a hard time saying Sanford is tarnishing Cornell's reputation. Um, they'll have to remove something from the museum of American History: http://americanhistory.si.edu/collections/search/object/nmah_1167050 scordova
Amazon description: ________ >> Book Description Publication Date: August 5, 2013 | ISBN-10: 9814508713 | ISBN-13: 978-9814508711 In the spring of 2011, a diverse group of scientists gathered at Cornell University to discuss their research into the nature and origin of biological information. This symposium brought together experts in information theory, computer science, numerical simulation, thermodynamics, evolutionary theory, whole organism biology, developmental biology, molecular biology, genetics, physics, biophysics, mathematics, and linguistics. This volume presents new research by those invited to speak at the conference. The contributors to this volume use their wide-ranging expertise in the area of biological information to bring fresh insights into the many explanatory difficulties associated with biological information. These authors raise major challenges to the conventional scientific wisdom, which attempts to explain all biological information exclusively in terms of the standard mutation/selection paradigm. Several clear themes emerged from these research papers: 1) Information is indispensable to our understanding of what life is; 2) Biological information is more than the material structures that embody it; 3) Conventional chemical and evolutionary mechanisms seem insufficient to fully explain the labyrinth of information that is life. By exploring new perspectives on biological information, this volume seeks to expand, encourage, and enrich research into the nature and origin of biological information. >> _________ Muy interesante. KF kairosfocus

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