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Could really powerful AI be considered a life form?

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An AI theorist makes that case to a technical writer…

Philosopher Borna Jalšenjak (above right) of the Luxembourg School of Business has been thinking about that. He has a chapter, “The Artificial Intelligence Singularity: What It Is and What It Is Not,” in Guide to Deep Learning Basics: Logical, Historical and Philosophical Perspectives, in which he explores the case for “thinking machines” being alive, even if they are machines…

And that is a more complex question than we might at first suppose. First there are 123 definitions of life out there, with different sciences tending to prefer their own…

So there isn’t a simple rule we can apply.

That said, some of the arguments for AI as a form of life sound suspiciously like the arguments around extraterrestrial beings.

News, “Could super artificial intelligence be, in some sense, alive?” at Mind Matters News

A different invented god, we suspect.

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