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Crab trapped in amber at 99 million years ago is remarkably similar to modern crabs

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But by now we know enough to expect that, don’t we?:

A tiny crab is the first to be found trapped in amber from the dinosaur era. It lived in a forest area of South-East Asia 99 million years ago.

Remarkably similar to modern crabs, the 5-millimetre-long crustacean is fully preserved, making it “the most complete crab [fossil] ever discovered”, says Javier Luque at Harvard University.

Christa Lesté-Lasserre, “99-million-year-old crab discovered trapped inside amber” at New Scientist (October 2021)

Was 99 mya a good time for preservation in amber? We can’t find vid of the crab fossil but there is a snake from the same era (and see bird skull noted below):

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I love the art. Both crabs look alive and intelligent, and the water waves effectively animate the picture. polistra
An incredible find. BobRyan

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