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Dark matter find due to “less than perfect” optics

3-D impression of dark matter via Hubble

Darn. From Andrew Masterson at Cosmos:

This was an exciting find. The separation of dark matter from “normal” visible matter is predicted in cosmology – but only if dark matter interacts with additional forces as well as gravity. The Abell 3827 data seemed to provide a strong indication that this was in fact the case, leading scientists a little bit closer to understanding the nature of the mysterious substance that is estimated to account for 27% of the universe.

Alas, in evidence presented to the European Week of Astronomy and Space Science just concluded in the English city of Liverpool, the same group of researchers report that a more recent set of observations have shown that the separation of dark matter from the galaxy stars was an artefact produced by the relative orientations of Abell 3827 and the Hubble.More.

How would ID change this search?

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