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Darwin sure plays a mean pin ball?

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Biological Information

Further to the Chapter 3 of published papers of the Origin of Biological Information conference (Cornell University, June 2011), here is one of the authors, computer engineer Robert Marks, interviewed in “Darwin as the Pinball Wizard: Talking Probability…”

Note: All conference papers here

See also: Chapter Three, Dembski, Ewert, and Marks on the true cost of a successful search

Questioning Information Cost (author Winston Ewert responds to paper’s critics)

OT: Dr. Behe, in an inappropriately named lecture, gives a talk on Intelligent Design in this recent video upload from a 'fixed point' conference (Of note, the last half of the video is a Q&A session that gets into some of the interesting technical details of his defense of Irreducible Complexity from some of the high level criticisms he recieved) Theistic Evolution - Michael Behe - video https://vimeo.com/69602914 bornagain77
7:00 minute mark: "For many years I thought that it is a mathematical scandal that we do not have a proof that Darwinian evolution works." Gregory Chaitin - Proving Darwin 2012 bornagain77
The graphics make it very entertaining to watch. bornagain77

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