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Darwinian philosopher Michael Ruse says farewell to the late Phillip Johnson


Michael Ruse is one of the few Darwinists who is fun:

Philosopher of biology Michael Ruse, cherished by ID proponents as a longtime friendly antagonist, is the author of The Problem of War: Darwinism, Christianity, and their Battle to Understand Human Conflict and other books. Professor Ruse directs the Program in History and Philosophy of Science at Florida State University.

I have just learned of the death of Phillip Johnson. We were very much on different sides of the IDT [intelligent design theory] debate, but I think I can truly say that our intellectual (and faith) disagreements made no difference to our personal respect and (dare I say) affection.

Phil was born on June 18, 1940. I was born on June 21, 1940. I used to joke that not only was this the best proof I had ever encountered for the existence of God, but that it showed that God had a great sense of humor. Having made Phil, he made me to give him a lifetime’s work and aggravation.

Michael Ruse, “Phillip Johnson: A Fond Farewell” at Evolution News and Science Today

Most Darwinists, by contrast, sound like just the sort of people who would be stuck defending a slowly dying paradigm in biology, with the utmost seriousness and sense of mission.

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Serendipity (AKA coincidence) is an excellent indicator of divine intervention. Even if it is just a coincidence of birth. dgosse

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