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Darwinism and popular culture: Darwinists resort to whining when they are not popular (Also, this just in, water runs downhill)

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Clearing out the Inbox, I find this item, “Charles Darwin film ‘too controversial for religious America'”

A British film about Darwin has failed to find a US distributor because his theory of evolution is too controversial for American audiences, according to its producer (Anita Singh,The Daily Telegraph, 11 Sep 2009).

Utter rubbish.

Most likely, the film – which led off the Toronto International Film Festival – was rejected because it is a bore. No one here cares about Charles and Emma Darwin. A tell-all about Bill and Hillary Clinton or Barack and Michelle Obama, now ….

This whole fake uproar* reminds me of a recent occasion when some pundit from the States claimed that Canadians have a growing fear of science.

North Americans have a growing fear of losing their jobs, being unable to pay their mortgage or rent or heat bills, and not having health care when we need it. And in Canada, anyone who offers opinions in public fears the “human rights” industry. All very advisedly, I may say. We can easily address some of these problems (especially the last in Canada by just shutting them down), not always so easily the others.

*Fake uproar: In Canada especially, Darwinists are into fake uproars because they don’t have any real ones. It’s got so bad that a couple weeks ago, a BBC team was trying to get me to play the gap-tooth moron who opposes Darwin. Basically, people don’t believe it because it’s not believable. End of uproar.

"In these parts people will distribute anything they think will sell". Yes, that is the generally accepted basis upon which a distributor will acquire the rights to a film anywhere in the world. zeroseven
dodgingcars, it looks as though you'll get the chance, and maybe free too. Depending on where you live, check with your local library. They often order films of precisely this sort, so you can see it at your convenience. O'Leary
Actually, I really want to see it. I love history, period pieces, and biopics. This was right up my alley! dodgingcars
Has a distributor? Well, that re-ends the uproar. You can probably catch it on the summer reruns. In these parts, people will distribute anything they think will sell. One of my kids once brought home fake reindeer antlers for our cat (a Christmas gimmick). I recall pointing out that the cat wouldn't like them. He didn't. But someone designed, manufactured, distributed, and sold them. Just shows you ... O'Leary
It'll probably get a limited release and, anyway, the National Geographic Channel is producing a movie about Darwin that will be televised sometime this fall. Barb
The film does now have an American distributor, Newmarket, and has been reviewed by The Hollywood Reporter: http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/hr/film-reviews/creation-film-review-1004010552.story ellazimm

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