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Darwinist political science profs go full bore on student teachers

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And why it might not really matter in the long run

Jonathan Wells As Jonathan Wells, author of author of The Myth of Junk DNA , tells it at Evolution News & Views(March 9):

Berkman and Plutzer’s findings were reported in the March 6 issue of Science. The report was accompanied by a photo of a biology classroom, with the caption “Poorly prepared science teachers often leave U.S. high school students with a shaky grounding in evolution.” In the foreground of the photo are several copies of the textbook being used in the classroom: Kenneth R. Miller and Joseph Levine’s widely used “elephant cover” book, Biology.

I have a copy of the 2000 “elephant cover” textbook, which features (1) a drawing of the 1953 apparatus used by Stanley Miller and Harold Urey, accompanied by a caption stating that their experiment “first demonstrated how organic matter may have formed in Earth’s primitive atmosphere” (p. 344); (2) drawings of vertebrate embryos that look most similar in their early stages, showing that they evolved from common ancestors (p. 283); and (3) photographs of light- and dark-colored peppered moths resting on light- and dark-colored tree trunks, illustrating a story about natural selection in action (p. 297).

But these icons of evolution misrepresent the evidence. More.

Indeed. Among people in the know, these icons are widely recognized as spurious, on the level of fraudulent saints relics—testimony principally to the state of belief in those who venerate. Often just carried along from textbook to textbook. True believers are not usually the ones to say stop, wait.

Make no mistake, there are lots of careers theses poli sci profs can wreck. And lots of yes men and “aren’t I good?” girls, make and female, who will flock to reassure us all that they will believe anything consensus science tells them—contradictory propositions and obvious rubbish included!

But here’s the information that interested me: In the two days or so that Wells’s short piece has been on line, here are the stats for shares as of 6:20a EST:

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In short, it is much easier than it ever has been in the past for people who want to know the facts to find out, despite the monstrous waste of tax dollars on legacy systems.

But it is up to us to be the people who want to know.

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You'd have better luck asking them to find pineapple trees in fruit on the howling Prairies in winter. (There might be one in a university botany department conservatory or perhaps one of the better hotels. ) News
In Brazil we call the secondary and university students to show their Biology teachers the latest scientific papers or articles going against the fact, Fact, FACT of evolution that they can easily find in a mere Google search. Enezio E. De Almeida Filho

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