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Darwin’s people are coming out of the woods…

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And they are plenty mad. Get a load of this one:

Evolution denial (a.k.a.) creationism. Creationists deny the science of evolution. Among creationists, there are two major types: “Young earth” creationism (YEC) and “intelligent design” creationists. YEC completely deny evolution in favor of a strict literalist interpretation of the Bible in which all lifeforms were created by God roughly 6,000 years ago and all the science that says the earth is billions of years old is false. “Intelligent design” creationism (ID) concedes that evolution has occurred (to some degree or other) and that the earth might be 4 billion years old, but denies that evolution by natural selection (and other forms of selection) is the driving force that resulted in the current diversity of life that we now observe. Instead, ID posits that there was an “intelligent designer” who guided (and continues to guide) evolution. ID creationists like to obfuscate who this “designer” might be, but, however much they try to obfuscate, it’s clear that the “designer” is God and that ID is, at its heart, little different from YEC other than in sophistication. Personally, I like to liken ID creationists to antivaxxers who claim that they’re “not antivaccine” but rather “vaccine safety advocates” in that, like such antivaxxers are trying to hide that they are antivaccine, ID creationists try to hide that they are anti-evolution. In this model, as is the case for antivaxxers who proudly proclaim that they are antivax, I almost have more respect for young earth creationists, because they at least are being more honest that they are antievolution and that their resistance to evolution is based on a literal interpretation of the Bible. In any event, the central conspiracy theory of creationism, be it YEC or ID, is that a shadowy cabal of atheists, biologists (a.k.a. “Darwinists” in creationist parlance), and “secularists” are “hiding” or “suppressing” the evidence that “Darwinism” is a “sham”. Usually, the motivation of these “atheists” and “Darwinists” is to deny and suppress religion.

David Gorski, “All science denial is a form of conspiracy theory” at Science-based Medicine

It’s hard to imagine anyone not knowing how much trouble Darwinism is in at this point. But this guy shows it’s possible to be that unaware.

See also: (Reformed) New Scientist 13: We Can Stop Evolution Readers may recall that New Scientist published an article some days ago on 13 ways we need to “rethink the theory of nature.” (Many links offered)

If even New Scientist understands the problems…

This is evidence that people haven't actually read a single damn thing we've written. If someone thinks that we use the term "Darwinist" to refer to biologists generally, or even evolutionists generally, they have severely misunderstood what ID is, and shouldn't be commenting on it. johnnyb
I have no problems with vaccines, after the short and long-term side effects are known. 10 months skips a lot of processes that exist for a reason. RNA, unlike DNA, has very little known about long-term effect, since it hasn't been out all that long. 2 or 3 decades will tell us a great deal of things when it comes to RNA. It will either be an incredible breakthrough to fight viruses of all sorts, which I am hoping, or will be a cure worse than the disease. Science denier is the go to claim of those who believe, without much evidence to support their belief, they are smarter than everyone else around them. As long as they use phrases, such as science denier, they can refrain from having to debate anyone, which would prove their arrogance to be false. Believing you are the smartest person in the room is very different than being the smartest person in the room. Robert Hanson, the traitor who sold out the country to the Soviets, later the Russians, is an example of someone who was the smartest person in the room. Science deniers are the same ones who fought eugenics and believed Earth was not the center of the universe. To blindly accept what others say is not science, but dogmatic belief. BobRyan
On an issue like this, the screeching really doesn't matter. The screechers are not doing their own side any good. The vast majority of Russians continued believing in god through 70 years of Soviet propaganda. The majority in Europe and US isn't as strong because until recently our propaganda wasn't quite as LOUD. Now that monsters like Gorski are roaring and pounding the earth, more sane people are repelled. Our job is to hold firmly onto the truth, observe Nature for ourselves,, and keep the truth available, without screeching and roaring. AVAILABLE is the key word. polistra
And on the vaccines, one of my wife’s personal friends just got the Covid vaccine and has become extremely ill, almost like she has the disease....... Bill Gates And the 2014 incident is a great example why people have issues with vaccines now I am all for vaccines but I don’t have to trust the people administering them and I don’t have to trust the people making them And you can thank people Gates for why so many people don’t trust vaccines now Another point for being ignorant for Gorski Always criticizing the issue but never looking at what caused the problem in the first place congratulations moron AaronS1978
Wow what an ignoramus. I would hope that he will come here and have a nice chat with us since he knows so much about us, but much like most of his ilk, part of that shadowy cabal of atheists, He will tuck his tail and run with the excuse that we are not intellectually capable of having a discussion with him. I like to call these types of people educated idiots And nobody says that Darwinism is hiding information, they’re just simply re-interpreting it and jumping through hoops to do it! But Davey boy you had It all figured out Well if he’s right I’m sure he’d be more than happy to come over and prove everyone wrong with rock solid evidence That religion isn’t being suppressed and attacked by atheists such as Richard Dawkins, Sam Harris, Jerry “berry” Coyne , and other career atheists But I’m also sure he also realizes that the names that I just mentioned above prove him entirely wrong as they make it a career to stifle religion and replace it with Darwinism AaronS1978

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