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David Abel: Formalism not only describes, but preceded, prescribed, organized, and continues to govern and predict Physicality.

The First Gene: The Birth of Programming, Messaging and Formal Control

David L. Abel, editor of The First Gene, offers in Chapter 12,

The Formalism > Physicality (F > P) Principle

ABSTRACT: The F > P Principle states that “Formalism not only describes, but preceded, prescribed, organized, and continues to govern and predict Physicality.”The F > P Principle is an axiom that defines the ontological primacy of formalism in a presumed objective reality that transcends both human epistemology,
our sensation of physicality, and physicality itself. The F > P Principle works hand in hand with the Law of Physicodynamic Incompleteness, which states that physicochemical interactions are inadequate to explain the mathematical and formal nature of physical law relationships. Physicodynamics cannot generate formal processes and procedures leading to nontrivial function.

Chance, necessity and mere constraints cannot steer, program or optimize algorithmic/ computational success to provide desired nontrivial utility. As a major corollary, physicodynamics cannot explain or generate life. Life is invariably cybernetic. The F > P Principle denies the notion of unity of Prescriptive Information (PI) with mass/energy. The F > P Principle distinguishes instantiation of formal choices into physicality from physicality itself. The
arbitrary setting of configurable switches and the selection of symbols in any Material Symbol System (MSS) is physicodynamically indeterminate—decoupled from physicochemical determinism.

See also: David Abel in The First Gene: “Mere possibility is not an adequate basis for asserting scientific plausibility.”

This is a book that might make useful points for creationism but is still a attempt to explain a subject that is way beyond explaining right now. its just speculation from a WRITER of books. Robert Byers

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