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David Coppedge’s Music

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As many UDers know, I was raised as a religiously devout materialistic, Darwinian atheist. Fortunately, I eventually figured out that this stuff was utter nonsense — thanks in great part to the ID movement.

My main grasp on non-materialistic reality, all through those hideously depressing years — lost in the depths of Darwinian irrationality — was my love of classical music. In a way, classical music helped save me from the inevitable despair of a Darwinian worldview.

David Coppedge, with whom most UD readers should be familiar, turns out to be a superb classical musician. Not only that, he is an orchestrator, and has used digital technology to reproduce many classics. His orchestrations are very imaginative and creative. You won’t be disappointed.

Check out the following links:



At iTunes search for “Master Plan Electronic Philharmonic” then click on the “Classic Adventures” picture with the red fireworks.

The works include: Nutcracker Suite, Fanfare for the Common Man, Pictures at an Exhibition, Handel’s Messiah, Flight of the Bumblebee (Rachmaninoff’s piano transcription of this classic is wickedly difficult, which is why I learned to play it), and much more.

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    Blue_Savannah says:

    As a fan of Mr Coppedge and his website, I’ve known for a while that he was very intelligent, but I didn’t know he was a classical musician as well! God has truly blessed him.

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