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Dawkins: Okay, but how can we know what is true?


Further to: Dawkins yawnfest has just got to stop, first, Dawkins is currently one of the world’s
foremost defenders of Darwin and supposedly a smartest scientist.”

Here, we wouldn’t actually care much about his antics otherwise.

But before we start our less exotic religion coverage of the day, let us say a word in his defense: He does often address issues around religion and civil liberties.

Good. He had better.

Many of us are in no mood to fancy dance around these issues currently. He defends himself here too.

Stuff happened in Canada, of all places, recently.  Woman, at a military funeral: “Soldiers like that are the reason we live somewhere free.”

Really? Tell the WORLD!

(Incidentally, the guy who gunned down that defenseless guard at a war memorial in Canada is no longer alive. Very few Canadians bothered to make excuses for his indefensible actions in favour of his religion either. A number rushed forward, despite the danger he posed, to try to save the victim. )

The world must know, there are still free countries.

And what do our fascinating new atheist cocktail napkin serviettes contribute, by contrast, to the cause of freedom?

I mean, really? What do they? Stupid evolutionary psychology theories about why people believe in God?

So, that is all they have got? If you want to rant against religion, get serious, and talk about specific beliefs, okay?

We are playing Canadian hockey now. And it is about time.

We did not ask for this, you forced it on us.

Get real or get lost. Talk about specifics.

No doubt Dawkins can give an objective explanation why we ought to care whether anything is true (or not). Mung

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