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Dawkins Rap – and Attenborough


I found this ‘Dawkins – Dick D’ Rap’ on youtube while searching for the piece below – sorry not embedded (and apologies if it has been posted before, but I found it amusing). Dawkins Rap

A.A.Gill offers his own review of Attenborough’s programming David Attenborough may just be God – by A.A.Gill

Gill comments; “David, honour and blessings be on his name, came down to television to describe for us, once again, why natural selection works and what survival of the fittest really means. He did this by showing a film of himself in previous incarnations. Here was divine proof that life began with Attenborough….It would be nice to see the argument for intelligent design given a separate programme that isn’t set up as religious combat, to see someone really try to make the “invisible watchmaker” argument believable.”

Here is a rock version, starring you-know-who (and a few of our friends!) http://my.opera.com/Bantay/blog/2008/05/14/intelligent-design-rockumentary Bantay
ID critics that say a designer would have certainly made everything "perfect" should familiarize themselves with the beliefs of Christianity, which have exsisted since the dawn of man (obviously, Jesus for only the last 2000 years) but are perfectly in sync with the latest scientific discoveries...that is: Brilliant designer, but humans committing sin and falling from grace. Enter death and destruction. It is really the only viable belief system for what we now know about biology, especially microbiology...that is, brilliant but flawed. Darwin probably was a genius. He did not have the resources to know about DNA, micromachinery, etc. He believed cells were simple, organic structures. If he knew what we now know, there's no way he would have bought his theory, if he is the genius people say he is. But if he lived in modern times, he probably would, either because it is force-fed from the first time you open a Biology text book, or maybe because he would be afraid his career would be ruined by questioning the establishment. uoflcard
I have just found it posted here. https://uncommondescent.com/intelligent-design/machine-video/ Andrew Sibley
Off topic (heads up): at the University of Sydney, Australia, Professor Michael Ruse is holding a talk "Is Darwinism past its sell-by date?" From the introduction article: "And yet, it is so obviously Darwin's theory that is alive and well today." ...if he says so then. http://www.usyd.edu.au/news/84.html?newsstoryid=3037 Avonwatches
Off topic: This commentary in the Wall Street Journal is a defense of the aesthetic value of "imperfection" in performance art. I thought it pertinent to ID because ID's critics sometimes argue that a designer would certainly have made everything work "perfectly". Maybe imperfection is part of the plan. http://online.wsj.com/article/SB123388674781555341.html russ

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