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‘Lincoln and Darwin — Live For One Night Only!’ Now On-Line


I am pleased to say that an audio version (MP3) of my play ‘Lincoln and Darwin — Live for One Night Only!’ is now on-line at ‘The Sci-Phi Show’, courtesy of Jason Rennie, the Sydneyside philosophical broadcaster. Here it is, just in time for Lincoln and Darwin’s 200th birthday (tomorrow).

The play runs to 85 minutes and is premised on Lincoln and Darwin coming on one of today’s TV chat shows to talk about has happened since they died.  Each then is given the option of staying in 2009 or returning to the 19th century. One decides to stay and the other goes. 

The play was originally staged in Liverpool in September 2008 as part of the annual meeting of the British Association for the Advancement of Science, to which I had been elected section president for sociology and social policy. So this was my ‘presidential event’.

Many thanks to Jason and his friends for producing this version of the play — hope you enjoy it!

A live version is scheduled to be staged at the Oxford Science Centre on Tuesday, 10 March.


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