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Design in nature: It turns out electric eels work together to zap prey

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Whoever thought the eel was this smart?:

Researchers working in the Amazon filmed eels gathering in packs to herd prey, then stunning them with a synchronised electric shock.

“It was really amazing – we thought these were solitary animals,” said researcher Carlos David de Santana.

The discovery is published in the journal Ecology and Evolution.

Victoria Gill, “Electric eels work together to zap prey” at BBC News

The paper is open access.

Maybe it’s not the eel, who remains stupid about everything else. It is intelligence in nature. Wallace was right.

Darwinians: "we thought these were solitary animals," just another example, when Darwinians 'thought something', and then they met reality... martin_r
Just another miracle (among others) Darwinians believe in, some quotes from a mainstream article: "How Electric Fish Evolved Their Shocking Skills Independently at Six Different Times" "New research demonstrates that the six electric fish lineages, all of which evolved independently, used essentially the same genes and developmental and cellular pathways to make an electricity-generating organ for defense, predation, navigation and communication." WHAT ? Electric fishes evolved NOT ONCE, BUT MANY TIMES INDEPENDENTLY ??? :))))) using the same genes ? :))) Darwinians must be joking :))) and it continues: "The “in-series" alignment of the electrocytes and unique polarity of each cell allow for the “summation of voltages, much like batteries stacked in series in a flashlight,” says Sussman. An electric eel body contains many millions of such “flashlights” working together and firing their electrical discharge simultaneously." "“The surprising result of our study is that electric fish seem to use the same ‘genetic toolbox’ to build their electric organ" It may surprise you, Darwinians, but not us - stupid creationists - just another example of common design, which is of course, more reasonable to believe in, unless you believe in miracles. Darwinians obviously believe in miracles. Full article: https://cns.utexas.edu/news/how-electric-fish-evolved-their-shocking-skills-independently-at-six-different-times#:~:text=Fish%20evolved%20an%20electric%20organ,Amazon%20to%20murky%20marine%20environments.&text=%22An%20exciting%20result%20of%20this,as%20well%2C%22%20says%20Zakon. martin_r
Other electric fish are in constant communication via radio, in the same way that mammals and birds communicate via acoustic sound. Eels probably do the same. We don't understand their social patterns because we're not listening. We arrogantly assume that our extremely late discovery of radio makes us maximally intelligent. polistra
Come on easy explanation over millions of years of evolution they develop genes that allow them to do that Those that couldn’t do that didn’t survive AaronS1978

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