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Diseño Inteligente


My book Intelligent Design: The Bridge between Science and Theology is now out in Spanish: Diseño Inteligente: Un Puente entre la Ciencia y la Teología. My good friend and colleague from Colombia, Daniel Andrés Díaz Pachón, is the translator (occasionally he posts on this blog).

Mario, I revised how is it in my word document and it is correct. First all, I write always Dembski with 'i' and not with 'y' as appears in Vida's page. Also, I translated "theology" and not "technology". I told Vida some time ago about those mistakes and they corrected it in print although they left the page in Internet as it was. I just wrote an e-mail to them asking for paste the right presentation. Daniel512
Dr. Dembski, I noticed the translation says "The bridge between science and TECHNOLOGY" Mario A. Lopez
Well, On the web page of the publisher in Spanish, Editorial Vida, it says that the translation is available since September 16. You can see the information at http://www.zondervan.com/vida/detail.asp?ISBN=0829743855 Daniel512
I received 4 copies from InterVarsity yesterday, so I know it's out. Amazon.com lists its publication date as October 1. It should be widely available shortly. William Dembski
Dr. Dembski, Where can I get a copy? I spend a lot of time trying to teach ID to the hispanic community in my area (particularly in the Spanish-speaking churches). Illustra Media's "Unlocking" is supposed to have been, or is in the process of being, translated to Spanish, but I've not seen it yet. Any idea about that? Mario A. Lopez

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