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DNA may be the computer of the future — because, of course, life is designed

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We are running out of conventional space to store information and life forms’ DNA stores it much more efficiently:

In 1994, Leonard Adleman used computing with DNA to offer a solution for the infamous “Traveling Salesman” problem, which computers typically cannot solve, though live amoebas can…

No one knows why amoebas solve the problem much more easily than computers but it might have something to do with the difference between DNA and silicon chips…

What are the general advantages of computing using DNA? It may get past the problem of doing only a single logical operation at a time… It’s also thought to present fewer long-term storage problems.

News, “Is computing with DNA the wave of the future?” at Mind Matters News

The big disadvantage is that, using current methods, DNA computing is quite slow but ways are being developed to make it faster.

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    polistra says:

    Alternatively, they could let the human traveling salesman optimize his own route. But that would be Unthinkable. Living humans performing actual jobs with an actual purpose are an UNIMAGINABLE HORROR, requiring instant total EXTERMINATION.

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