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Do mysterious particles flying out of Antarctica threaten the Standard Model of physics?


That’s the claim in a recent article.

Standard Model: There are four fundamental forces at work in the universe: the strong force, the weak force, the electromagnetic force, and the gravitational force.

Why are the particles mysterious and why do they threaten the Standard Model?:

The particles look like ultra high-energy neutrinos. But ultra high-energy neutrinos shouldn’t be able to pass through the Earth. That suggests that some other kind of particle — one that’s never been seen before — is flinging itself into the cold southern sky.

Now, in a new paper, a team of physicists working on IceCube have cast heavy doubt on one of the last remaining Standard Model explanations for these particles: cosmic accelerators, giant neutrino guns hiding in space that would periodically fire intense neutrino bullets at Earth. A collection of hyperactive neutrino guns somewhere in our northern sky could have blasted enough neutrinos into Earth that we’d detect particles shooting out of the southern tip of our planet. But the IceCube researchers didn’t find any evidence of that collection out there, which suggests new physics must be needed to explain the mysterious particles.

Rafi Letzter, “Mysterious particles spewing from Antarctica defy physics” at Space.com

Paper. (open access)

To supplant the Standard Model of the universe would require more than a few anomalies surely. A preferred model must account for the anomalies as well as the known facts.

See also: The Big Bang: Put simply,the facts are wrong. (Well, mainly, inconvenient for certain points of view.)

It is significant that known problems with existing scientific theories are routinely portrayed here as failures of science,
It is atheistic materialists who have elevated *science* into dogma , corrupting the meaning of knowledge. Truthfreedom
It is significant that known problems with existing scientific theories are routinely portrayed here as failures of science, clearly with the intention of undermining confidence in the scientific enterprise. Yet it is these very problems with current models that excite scientists and inspire new research. The neutrino detectors that now enable us to observe these ghostly particles would not exist unless discrepancies between theory and observation had lead Pauli to infer their existence.. In terms of stimulating further research, the limitations of current theories can be viewed as a feature of science not a bug. Seversky
I find it astonishing that there are around 65 billion neutrinos passing through every square centimeter of our bodies every second yet we are completely unaware of them. We have no sensory organs that can detect them. They interact so rarely with other matter that it is said that a column of solid lead one light-year long will only stop about half of the neutrinos pouring through it. That we know of their existence at all is due entirely to research into the atomic and sub-atomic nature of matter. Seversky
Google can confirm it for you, Acartia Eddie ET
Ed, Ithink the key here is not that neutrinos are being detected, but that high-energy neutrinos---with much larger "cross-sections," are being detected. News, great pick-up! PaV
I always thought that most neutrinos passed right through the earth. Can anyone confirm this for me? Ed George

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