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Do Shared ERVs Support Common Ancestry?


In my previous article, I discussed the background of one of the most commonly made arguments for primate common ancestry. In this article, I want to examine the first of the three layers of evidence offered by a popular-level article written about this subject. Read More>>>

Jonathan, that's much better, thanks! Looking forward to the final instalment. ellazimm
@ ellazimm, Thanks for flagging this up. I can see the possible confusion there. I have made an amendment. Cheers, J Jonathan M
I think there must be a mistake in the article. There is an edited quote from Yohn, et al (2005): "Based on analysis of finished BAC chimpanzee genome sequence, we characterize a retroviral element (Pan troglodytes endogenous retrovirus 1 [PTERV1]) that has become integrated in the germline of African great ape and Old World monkey species but is absent from humans and Asian ape genomes ... Six out of ten of these genes, for which there are expression data, show significant differences in transcript expression between human and chimpanzee" So, a retroviral element is present in African great apes but absent in humans . . . six out of ten of these genes show differences between human and chimps. How is the first phrase related to the second? ellazimm
Do Shared ERVs Support Common Ancestry?
Depends on what they share! If they share a common ancestry, I'd have to say yes. Mung
JonathanM you are doing a mighty fine job giving atheistic Darwinists sleepless nights! :) Look forward to the following posts! bornagain77

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