Intelligent Design

Free LIVE Interactive Webinar With Dr. Jonathan Wells Today, Saturday, at 3pm Eastern

Discovery Institute’s Dr. Jonathan Wells will be presenting to my LIVE “Apologetics Academy” webinar and fielding audience Q&A today, Saturday, at 8pm GMT / 3pm EST / 2pm CST / 12noon PST. He will be speaking on the subject of “Design Beyond DNA”. I hope some of you can join us. Please click the link below […]

Intelligent Design

Free Live Interactive Webinar Later Today With Dr. Douglas Axe – now linked here!

Later today, Dr. Douglas Axe of the Biologic Institute will be presenting to the Apologetics Academy, a weekly free, live interactive webinar with top scholars representing positions from across the theological and philosophical spectrum. Normally, the webinar takes place on Saturday. However, this week, Dr. Douglas Axe will be speaking today, Friday. His topic is […]

Intelligent Design

Paleontology and ID: don’t miss FREE webinar with Dr. Gunter Bechly this Saturday

This coming Saturday (July 16th), I am going to be hosting my weekly Apologetics Academy webinar session. This week, we are blessed to have German pro-ID paleontologist Dr. Günter Bechly presenting to us on the implications of the fossil record for neo-Darwinian evolution. The session begins at 8pm GMT (9pm Central Europe / 3pm EST / 2pm Central […]


New Website: Advanced Apologetics

Last week, I launched my new website, The website contains information on my upcoming speaking engagements and debates, as well as upcoming online meetings of my Advanced Apologetics mentoring group. It also features a blog, and links to the collection of videos available at my YouTube Channel. My interests that are covered on the […]

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“Naturalism or Christian Theism: Where Does the Evidence Point?” TreeSearch Founder Blake Giunta Debates Justin Schieber

I want to draw readers’ attention to a great debate that recently took place at the University of Texas at Dallas, between Blake Giunta, the founder of a recently-developed online apologetics resource called “TreeSearch“, and Justin Schieber, the host of the Reasonable Doubts radio show and podcast. Blake posted a postmortem review of the debate at his […]


Stephen Meyer and Ravi Zacharias On Moody Radio

On Friday, Dr. Stephen C. Meyer joined Dr. Ravi Zacharias in a discussion on Moody Radio’s In The Market with Janet Parshall. You can read the details here. Hour 1, which you can download here, features Ravi Zacharias. The website’s description states, Respected apologist Ravi Zacharias was once sharing his faith with a Hindu who […]

Irreducible Complexity

The Bacterial Flagellum Revisited: A Paradigm of Design

Going back to my undergraduate days, I have long been struck by the engineering elegance and intrinsic beauty of that familiar icon of intelligent design, the bacterial flagellar nano-motor. In tribute to this masterpiece of design, I have just published a detailed (31 pages, inclusive of references) literature review in which I describe the processes […]