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Doctor “Doom” Pianka Update


Figure 1

Forrest Mims did not Misrepresent Prof. Eric Pianka’s Statements
by James Redford

Thanks for finding this article. I think Mims could use our support at this time. Were it not for him, the world would probably not be aware of the kinds of professors teaching at secular universities. What really struck me was Pianka's willingness to be the first to die in an epidemic. He's so against the first place humans have in the world that he's willing to root for microbes even against his own life. scordova
Wow this is scary. Rebecca M. Calisi, an assistant of Pianka is "rooting for" the complete extermination of humanity. She is proof that Pianka has followers, has converts. She is also proof that those followers are taking things a step farther than Pianka does, moving from 90% to 100%. When is one of these Ph.D.s going to flip a lid and take matters into their own hands. Calisi also suggests that anyone who would not understand what monsters we have become, what a monster evolution has created, must be creationists - spit, spit. I am suddenly getting a lot more comfortable with the ID creationist label. bFast

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