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Why we need Many Worlds: A Boltzmann brain existing is more probable than a universe existing

soap bubbles/Timothy Pilgrim

A Boltzmann brain is a disembodied space brain that should exist, if naturalist theories are all correct, but we have never seen one. From Rochester astrophysicist Brian Koberlein at Nautilus:

Although it’s an interesting paradox, most astrophysicists don’t think Boltzmann brains are a real possibility.

But it turns out that, since the universe is expanding, these apparent fluctuations might not be coming from the vacuum. Instead, as the universe expands, the edge of the observable universe causes thermal fluctuations to appear, much like the event horizon of a black hole gives rise to Hawking radiation. This gives the appearance of vacuum fluctuations, from our point of view. The true vacuum of space and time isn’t fluctuating, so it cannot create a Boltzmann brain.

The idea, from Caltech physicist Kimberly Boddy, and colleagues, is somewhat speculative, and it has an interesting catch. The argument that the true vacuum of the universe is stationary relies on a version of quantum theory known as the many-worlds formulation. In this view, the wave function of a quantum system doesn’t “collapse” when observed. Rather, different outcomes of the quantum system “decohere” and simply evolve along different paths. Where once the universe was a superposition of different possible outcomes, quantum decoherence creates two definite outcomes. Of course, if our minds are simply physical states within the cosmos, our minds are also split into two outcomes, each observing a particular result.

In solving the paradox of Boltzmann brains, we might have to face the reality that each of us are not as unique as we appear. The many-worlds model could also be called the many-minds model. Throughout a many-worlds universe there would be minds very like ours, each with slightly different experiences, and each having as much right to be called “us” as we do.

Why need we conclude anything at all? Isn’t this just another faculty lounge riff on humans are not special, rocks have minds, and glaciers persons too?

If naturalists cannot reduce mind to matter, they try to make matter mind. It still doesn’t make sense but it does appeal to the woo-woo market. That might save it from funding cuts.

A possibility not under discussion is that dumping naturalism is the road to reality.

Note: We captured this information from the Nautilus site, but when we went back later, Koberlein’s article had been replaced by rah-rah and marchin’, marchin’ orders for the March for Science. But it has the same link address. Someone there may notice and fix the problem soon.

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Also, yes, spirit transcends matter. But that's intuitively axiomatic to all but the 'bitter-ender, die-hard, head-bangers of materialism, isn't it. The overwhelmingly obvious, writ large, as also ID. I wonder if Barry shouldn't consider renaming this journal, so that UD could be used as an abbreviation of Unintelligent Design, a term, that, used in conjunction with the atheists' 'random chance' contexts, highlights the madness of their oxymoron. Axel
We Christians know Bolzmann brains as Big Giant Heads, don't we ? Axel

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