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    Qualiatative says:

    Clough said:

    “Intelligent Design is a crafty way to avoid the issue of a supernatural being, making it appear like science, but it isn’t”

    Intelligent design only appears to be science.

    Just as:
    – Biological structures only appear to have been designed.
    – The human mind only appears to have a causally efficacious role in our actions.
    – The natural realm only appears to have had a beginning. There are clearly an infinite number of unseen and undetectable universes out there that have always existed.
    – The laws of the universe only appear to have been constructed to allow for complex life.

    Philosophical materialists have the preternatural urge to inject their religion into science — which results in explanations amounting to “I can’t explain it on my terms; therefore, it must be an illusion.” (Any alternate explanation would not be considered *scientific*.)

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    anteater says:

    How about a 1-on-1 scientific debate between Avalos and Gonzalez?

    We all know who would win.

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    nostrowski says:

    From the Iowa State Daily:

    [i]Campus religious groups see the issue differently.[/i]

    [i]”I believe in a God that created the world in six days and rested on the seventh,” said Joel Kennedy, president of Cyclone Bible Fellowship. “Whatever they teach, that’s what I’m going to believe.”[/i]

    Blatantly, subtlely, softly, or loudly, wherever the debate lands *someone* invites or cites the YEC. Fairly or unfairly, tt is a bludgeon with which ID continues to be battered. Gonzalez, indeed, ID, deserves better.

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