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Does Hector Avalos Want to Get Guillermo Gonzalez Fired?


“We want to make sure the public and the university start to voice their opposition to intelligent design,” Avalos said. What’s next? Petitioning Guillermo to turn in his telescope? MORE

From the Iowa State Daily: [i]Campus religious groups see the issue differently.[/i] [i]"I believe in a God that created the world in six days and rested on the seventh," said Joel Kennedy, president of Cyclone Bible Fellowship. "Whatever they teach, that's what I'm going to believe."[/i] Blatantly, subtlely, softly, or loudly, wherever the debate lands *someone* invites or cites the YEC. Fairly or unfairly, tt is a bludgeon with which ID continues to be battered. Gonzalez, indeed, ID, deserves better. nostrowski
How about a 1-on-1 scientific debate between Avalos and Gonzalez? We all know who would win. anteater
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Clough said:
"Intelligent Design is a crafty way to avoid the issue of a supernatural being, making it appear like science, but it isn't"
Intelligent design only appears to be science. Just as: - Biological structures only appear to have been designed. - The human mind only appears to have a causally efficacious role in our actions. - The natural realm only appears to have had a beginning. There are clearly an infinite number of unseen and undetectable universes out there that have always existed. - The laws of the universe only appear to have been constructed to allow for complex life. ... Philosophical materialists have the preternatural urge to inject their religion into science -- which results in explanations amounting to "I can't explain it on my terms; therefore, it must be an illusion." (Any alternate explanation would not be considered *scientific*.) Qualiatative

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