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Does the sheer size of the universe prove that nature is all there is?

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Frank Turek takes on the size of the universe:

Many atheists think that the universe has a lot of “wasted space” and this is in some way evidence against theism.

Note: “Naturalism” means the claim that nature is all there is, often called “materialism,”

Hat tip: Ken Francis

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The vastness and age of the universe and the huge number of galaxies do not disprove God or creation, nor do they render humans insignificant. Any single human is vastly more complex and interesting than an entire galaxy. Therefore (if I may be so bold as to suggest) each human, with its free will and complex behaviour, would be much more valuable and interesting to the creator than an entire universe without life. God does not value size or age over faith and love. Fasteddious
This is just more of the same: "I wouldn't have done it that way -- therefore there is no god" argument. There are several fairly recent books out having the theme "the not-so-unintelligent designer" I've written about one that has gotten the attention of Glenn Branch over at NCSE. Here's my take: https://ayearningforpublius.wordpress.com/2016/08/05/the-not-so-intelligent-designer/ ayearningforpublius
To answer the OP: Definitely not. The vastness of the universe has no bearing on the debate over naturalism. But if Earth is the only place where life exists, that would be very interesting. daveS

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