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Douglas Wilson: What if Darwin’s baby is “a particularly ugly chimp that somebody smuggled into the nursery”?

Douglas Wilson

In “Does Tim Keller Live on an Old Earth?” (Blog and Mablog, April 13, 2012) Douglas Wilson has some questions for Tim Keller, who wrote a series of columns at BioLogos (Christian Darwinism Central),

1. Keller takes great pains to distinguish evolutionary biological processes (EBP) from evolution as a grand theory of everything (GTE), and he stresses how important this is. He says that if they get muddled in the minds of Christians, then we might be tempted to skew how we read Scripture for the sake of guarding against the atheistic GTE. Point taken, and even for those of us who disagree, it is a distinction worth having. Don’t throw the EBP baby out with the GTE bathwater. But what about those of us who don’t believe that EBP is a baby at all, but rather a particularly ugly chimp that somebody smuggled into the nursery? Some of us want to say, “Hey! That’s not baby Jane!”

So here is the question. If this confusion besets nonbelievers also, as Keller acknowledges it does, including their scientists, then how can we know that this is not skewing how they are reading the natural realm, e.g. the science itself? And if that is the case, then how do we know the science we are being asked to “come to grips with” is not a secularist tract or screed? How do we know that they are not policing their ranks, looking for any sign of heresy, sniffing it out, in order to make sure that nothing in the realm of pure science be allowed to challenge their GTE — including any evidence that stands against EBP? …

Darwinists? Sniffing out heresy? Oh surely not!

Sound of rube whistling …

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