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Dr. Markus Raze Investigates One of Today’s Most Compelling Open Problem in Random Mutation


“If enough second amendment whackos with rifles shot enough road signs, would they eventually generate the great books of history in braille?”
Details at TheBRITES.org.

I wonder how many books on ID a Darwinist would need to read before they realized that ID IS a scientific theory. Considering that 99.99999 % of them have never even read a book or article on ID it would be an interesting test of natural selection.(see if they could be evolved) But until they grow up and get the tin foil hats off of their heads I’m afraid their natural defense mechanism will continue to preserve their ignorance. And I admit there is nothing intelligent about that. Frost122585
Here is my rather fickle attempt at humor of this kind: http://christiannews.co.nz/2007/researchers-discover-new-gene-fudge-technique/ Robo
hohoho hihihi hahaha "Here's another clue for you all. The walrus was Paul" I don't think the Beatles had any choice in the matter. Free will is an illusion. It was inevitable that those words come out sooner or later in some universe. It just happened to be ours... I think ;-) Borne
Both the sign and the shot group occured as a result of natural causes, except that the (apparent) intelligent agents who shot it up had no choice inasmuch as they all have brains without minds. So what's all this fuss about design inference. StephenB
I've been to that universe, BarryA, and the Braille on the signs translated to: "OW! STOP IT!" angryoldfatman
To answer the question in the post, in at least one of the universes in the multiverse, they already have! BarryA
Et tu, getawitness? Galapagos Finch
Bugsy, In dentibus anticis frustum magnum spiniciae habes. Gloppy Galapagos Finch
"It's worth it," said Raze. "I don't have any results yet, but I have faith I will. If I live."
Brilliant in more than one dimension -- and in more than one universe. It says so much about the debate and the materialists in general. Although they doubtfully will find a moment to laugh, in-between Bush jokes on the Daily Show. It's an entire elitist mindset summed up in a single sentence. Also, the joke's not quite as funny when it's on you. Go figure. However, on closer examination this could almost be a documentary. Apollos
Bugsy, I agree. As Dorothy Parker said, "Brevity is the soul of lingerie." getawitness
Syllogism is less witty and pithy than aphorism. Bugsy
I think Bugsy's point can be expressed in a syllogism: 1. Things posted by Galapagos are not funny. 2. This was posted by Galapagos. 3. This isn't funny. As a relativist, I'm a big fan of the old phrase De gustibus non est disputandum. I also like Terence's statement, "Nothing human is alien to me." But I cannot understand why anybody would find anything posted by Galapagos Finch even remotely funny. Sorry Gloppy. getawitness
Because it's NOT Galapagos. Bugsy
But I think the phrase is "Yo Momma's non-responsive" russ
Your mom’s non-responsive.
Now that's funny! russ
Your mom's non-responsive. Bugsy
Because it’s Galapagos.
Objection, Your Honor. Non-responsive. russ
Because it's Galapagos. Bugsy
This isn’t funny.
You're mistaken. It clearly is. Apollos
This isn’t funny.
Why not? russ
This isn't funny. Bugsy
I wonder if Dr. Raze is collaborating with researchers in other universes? I think its a sure thing that they'll come up with the great works of history if they deploy second amendment wackos throughout the Multiverse. russ

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