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    johnnyb says:

    Apparently he’s going to have Winston Ewert on for Episode 111. The one problem with that – I have to wait for 5 WHOLE EPISODES! I haven’t listened to this one all the way through – I had to be somewhere halfway through, but hopefully will finish it tomorrow.

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    Ed George says:

    An economist supporting ID? Really? With the added support of a narcissistic toaster repairman, a recovering drug addict, a lawyer, a neurosurgeon who thinks that all mass shootings are caused by democrats, a Caribbean resident who has the most convoluted and obtuse means of communication, and a semi-retired Canadian journalist, who could doubt that ID will prevail. πŸ™‚

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    Jim Thibodeau says:

    I mean, the guy you all had last week who is an auto mechanic, the economist is probably better, marginally, I guess.

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    kairosfocus says:

    EG & JT: the ad hom dismissal of hoi polloi with implicit appeal to the collective authority of the evolutionary materialist, scientism magisterium. Evolutionary materialism, demonstrably, is self referentially incoherent and self-falsifying; start with, if intellectual processes are wholly driven and controlled by blind chance and/or mechanical necessity, turning us into jumped up pond goo with too many neurons for our own god, the credibility of our ‘thinking,” “reasoning” and “conclusions” is fatally undermined, as Darwin admitted and as Crick admitted. This of course, includes those intellectual processes that have led to evolutionary materialistic scientism. However, we can focus on a core that mere Economists and Auto mechanics can see for themselves regarding the design inference. Something that is now routinely taught in grade school and high school science: DNA. DNA has in it string data structures holding alphanumeric codes with algorithms for protein assembly. Codes, so language and goal-directed, purposeful process at the core of and antecedent to existence of C-chem, aqueous medium, cell based life. All of this in a cosmos with its physics at a fine tuned operating point for such life. Even Economists and Auto Mechanics can figure out, for good reason, why language, goal-directed processes and a fine tuned cosmos are strong signs of design. Now, your cogent, empirical observation — not, just so ideological story — based reason for rejecting such signs is ______ and the prizes won for the empirical observation anchored demonstration of blind watchmaker OoL are ____ and those for empirical observation anchored demonstration of blind watchmaker origin of body plans are _____ Prediction, given the still open UD challenge, these blanks cannot be soundly filled in. On such merits, the common sense conclusion is that the Magisterium is unable to adequately warrant its case while there are abundant, highly reliable and manifest signs of design on the ground, backed by analysis of blind search challenge in large configuration spaces. KF

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    BobRyan says:

    One doesn’t need to be a biologist to know there are serious flaws with macroevolution. Until all the steps of the Scientific Method have been done, Darwin’s view of evolution remains nothing more than a poor hypothesis with no actual scientific merit. Socialists don’t care about real science and are incapable of logical thought required for real theories to develop.

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    Truthfreedom says:

    @2 Ed George
    Ad hominem fallacy = you have nothing to offer.

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    ET says:

    All evolutionism has are liars, bluffing cowards and cowardly equivocators, like “Ed George”. So, given that, an economist is much better.

    Evolutionists can’t even figure out a way to test their claims. How pathetic is that?

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    Truthfreedom says:

    @7 ET:
    And grandads who share their sexual schedules with us, though we are not inerested in them at all.
    That is what atheistic evolutionism has to offer. That is their level of reasoning.

    Monkey wants a banana.

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