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Edward O. Wilson at the World Science Festival

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If you are in Gotham City this weekend you can attend Brian Greene’s and Tracy Day’s World Science Festival. Greene wants the festival to celebrate great scientists in addition to science, as a way of encouraging public interest and generating excitement in the minds of future students. That’s a great idea (one of many from the brain of Brian Greene). But this year’s choice of “great scientist,” evolutionist Edward O. Wilson, may not generate the type of excitement we need.

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Biblical creationist here. The test for whether evolution is responsible for decency is to score how different peoples score. If this is a evolution result then the result should be across the boards. yet i would insist that Christian peoples have had more empathy then non christian ones for their fellow man. i would further suggest Protestant ones over Roman catholic and others. In short those most obeying the commands of scripture are most likely to be nicer. Not some common innate thing that just happens more among us then others. Evolutionists trying to put human nature under evolutions hand is a welcome thing to this creationist as it is contrary to every opinion and common sensical conclusions that mankind makes about mankinds motivations origins. Ideas like this are just dumb to most of historic and modern mankind. They discredit themselves so well by this that it should be welcome by good guys everywhere. I submitt that these people are admitting that these evolutionary ideas on human nature are the same quality as any evolutionary ideas on anything. They are admitting this by the great attention being given. Robert Byers
I've read many times where Mr Joseph is presented with some evidence (one particular instance I remember is the news of identification of specific DNA sequences that cause some of the signifiant diffences in brain structure unique to humans). Yet Mr Joseph simply said something along the lines of "that's interesting", did not attempt to deny the validity of what was found and then simply returned to his typical utterences, saying that "there is no evidence...." despite the fact that such valid evidence had indeed been presented and it was disputed by nobody including Mr Joseph. So I would suggest that there is simply no reasoning with Mr Joseph and his potty mouth. Echidna.Levy
Mr Khan, Wasn't an example of macro-evolution recently given in a discussion with Mr Joseph? Nakashima
jerry, I read your comment and thought i'd respond here since this thread isn't getting much traffic. i might be willing to "provide a defense for macroevolution." but before I waste my time, I want to clarify exactly what you want. what type of evidence do you want that complex traits can evolve by natural means? Khan
but the death watch will take a long time.
According to R. Smalley's 2004 prediction have already reached the stage of Intelligent Design being accepted as a mainstream idea. Just another 5 years and Darwinism will be dead. I wonder what all the good guys here will do then. sparc
Fronting Wilson's "explanation" of Mother Theresa is the surest sign of the slow suicide of materialist/Darwinist ideology - but the death watch will take a long time. Having read "Come Be My Light" (a book compiled from Mother T's letters to friends), I find comments like Wilson's so much more revealing about him than about her. I discuss that here and here. But never overlook the key importance of salaried professorship. O'Leary

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