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Eight minute vid for Michael Denton’s new Wonder of Water

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From Michael Denton’s new book, Wonder of Water:

This wonder fluid is fit for life on Earth in an absolutely stunning number of ways. It is fit for the formation of proto-planetary discs, for the formation of the planets, for the formation of the oceans, and for their subsequent preservation. Water is uniquely fit for the hydrological cycle, the tectonic cycle, and the temperature regulation of the human body. The properties of water play a critical part in the formation of the great oceanic currents, which circulate crucial nutrients throughout the world ocean. Those currents play a key role in global temperature regulation and moderation and in controlling the CO2 levels in the atmosphere. Water is superbly and uniquely fit to dissolve the minerals in the rocks, and her great solvation powers are fit for the circulation of nutrients both in the blood stream and in the oceans. Water’s expansion on freezing and its other unique thermal properties preserve large bodies of water in the higher latitudes. Water is fit for bioenergetics by providing the proton flows that play such a unique and critical role in the generation of cellular energy. Water’s transparency to light is fit for photosynthesis. Water is not only the giver of oxygen, but also uniquely fit for its use in human respiration! Water is fit to allow sunlight to penetrate the atmosphere and light up the savannah, where the San follow the Kudu across the desert. And it is fit to cool the San on the chase. (P. 180) More.

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Michael Denton’s new documentary, Firemaker

This is a wonderful book. I recommend it to you all. Mung

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