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Engineering and Metaphysics Conference – Last Day for Early-Bird Pricing


I’ve mentioned the Engineering and Metaphysics conference a few times before. Basically, it is a conference dealing with the interaction between the nature of nature, and the nature of engineering. How does the nature of nature affect engineering? What does engineering tell us about the nature of nature? It’s somewhat of a practical followup to Baylor’s 2000 Nature of Nature conference. Well, today is the last day to register at the Early Bird price! To register or find out more information about the conference, see:


Walter Bradley, the author of the book that started the ID movement (The Mystery of Life’s Origin) will be the plenary speaker for the conference. Come and see the great research underway! Or, come and present your own research! The call for papers is still open.

There isn’t an official list of accepted talks yet, but some of the topics include:

  • Measuring Information Output from Intelligent Agents
  • Insights from Self-Replicators
  • The Universe as an Engineered System
  • Non-reductive Cognitive Models of Insight
  • Software Complexity Metrics and the Mind
  • Engineers as Healers

Anyway, it should be a great conference, and I hope to see many of you there. Remember, register today – it’s the last day for early bird pricing!


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